permanent hiatus

ok i don’t plan on posting here again although i might log back in from time to time just to look idk but i won’t be posting regularly again

if you want to contact me my main blog is here and i also have a links page on that blog with other ways to contact me (instagram, twitter etc)

it was nice being in the classic rock fandom but i’m getting into a lot of newer music now and i’d prefer not to get so obsessed with their lives as i did with a lot of classic rock musicians so i won’t be posting about them either


ok i don’t think i’ll be posting on this blog any more because it’s just too much having three accounts so ok if you’re interested here is my main blog
facebook (send me an ask on my main blog first if you want to add me so i know who you are)

i’ve queued a few things so they’ll post after this but i highly doubt i’ll be bothering with this account again

this applies to this account as well i’m just gonna reblog it because i cant link things for some reason


John Lennon reads a magazine on a garden lounger. Paul plays his guitar.

(Photos by Mark and Colleen Hayward/Redferns)